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We are so glad you are here! This website serves as a rallying point for those eager to support Clark Middle School students.


PTA works with Clark administrators and staff to encourage kids to use their strength and intelligence for good, as they grow and mature. You can learn about some of the ways we do this here.


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 If you already have a Membership Toolkit account with another organization  (for example Smith, Shawnee Trail, Riddle, Spears, Borchardt, or Christie PTAs),  you can use the same log-in here. Need more details?  



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Why PTA Still Matters in Middle School

Although they may not seem as vulnerable as they were in Kindergarten, middle school kids still desperately need the support of adults in their community to thrive... 



Joining Clark PTA each year helps our school support kids in fresh and exciting ways. Membership is $10 per adult/student for the 2019-20 school year.

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One of the best ways to help your student feel confident and secure in school is to volunteer. 

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