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The Ultimate Back-to-School Checklist
for Clark Middle School — 2021-2022



 ▢  New to the district?  click here to register. Otherwise... Complete the Infosnap registration process for your student, if you have not already done so. If you need assistance, contact the school office at 469-633-4600.


▢  Proof of Residency (POR)

Submit Proof of Residency (usually a current utility bill) before Cougar Camp or 7th & 8th Grade Schedule Pick-Up —otherwise your student cannot pick up his/her schedule at these events. The school will not be accepting PORs on schedule pick up days. 


Submit your POR here:   Submit Proof of Residence  If you have questions about this contact the school:  clark@friscoisd.org. [ Other ways to prove residency. ]

If you like to be efficient, have your driver's license scanned at the same time. That way you can have lunch with your child during the school day, etc. 


▢  Download a "Grade Checking App"

Home Access Center, lovingly referred to as HAC, is the official app for staying on top of your student’s academic career.  It is used to check attendance, grades, class schedules, and registration. Search for “eschoolplus” on the app store to download this one. (To update contact info, contact the Clark front office staff  clark@friscoisd.org )

Some parents use an alternate app called Graded which also delivers HAC. It can be found here. 



▢  Buy school supplies Supply Lists 2021.pdf

This is the official list. But just know that school supply needs change based on first day teacher requests and student preferences.


Also note that P.E. uniforms are required. You may purchase P.E. shirts for $12, shorts for $14 or the shirt/short combination for $22 at Cougar Camp and all schedule pick ups and then in the front office. You may also purchase a grey shirt and black shorts from any local store.


▢  Make After-school Plans —and practice the plan!

There is no supervision for students after school hours, so you will need to a plan for what do after the last bell rings. Some options include:

  • Going home by car, bus, bike or foot

  • Staying with friends or neighbors

  • Staying home alone for the first time

  • Going to after-school clubs

  • Hiring a sitter

Once you have an after-school plan, practice the plan (and possibly the route home) with your student prior to the first day of school. Students should know how they will get home each day. 


Check FISD transportation site for bus eligibility and bus stop information. Buses typically leave  campus about 7 minutes after school (FISD Transportation: 469-633-6150)


▢  Lunch accounts

Fund your child’s lunch account. Even if you child will bring his/her lunch, consider putting some money in this account, just in case they forget it.  schoolcafe.com


▢  Online School Fees

The district uses the website below to collect field trip-type feesonlineschoolfees.com



▢  Hall Pass Security System & Background Check

If you plan to enter the school for any reason (beyond the school office), you will need to request a background check from Frisco ISD. These need to be renewed each school year. FISD uses App-Garden's Volunteer Tracker for both background checks and recording volunteer hours. You can learn more about App-Garden here.  


If you have never volunteered in our district and plan to do so, click here. If you volunteered in Frisco ISD last year, the system will send you an email to update your account when it expires. If you signed up in the past and no longer want to volunteer in the district, please let them know here, so you will not be bothered by emails. If you have questions, you can ask them here.



▢   Join PTA for $10   (volunteering & meetings are completely optional) 

Although they may not seem as vulnerable as they were in Kindergarten, middle school kids still desperately need the support of adults in their community to thrive.  Each year, Clark PTA parents, teachers and community members work together for the good of kids, and your support will go a long way toward that goal.


Login/Register on this site. (It's free, and is used for both PTA membership and community connection.)  If you already have a Membership Toolkit account from a previous year (or even another organization) you can use the same login here, and it should take less than a minute to confirm your family information. If you are new, registering should take about 5 minutes.


You will then have the option to join Clark PTA for this school year for $10



▢  6th Grade— Attend "Cougar Camp" with your child 

August 6, 2021— 4-6 pm.  Learn all about Clark Middle School and get to know the PTA—while your students have a tour and practice walking the halls.




▢ 7th/8th Grade— Cougar Prowl & Schedule Pickup



August 6, 2021 - 4:30PM-5:30PM - Come and go event.  Walk Your Schedule! Parents Welcome



▢  7th Grade Immunizations

7th grade students need to turn in up-to-date Immunization records to the school nurse: thortoK@friscoisd.org  


All incoming 7th graders are required to have a Tdap vaccine within the last 5 years and a meningitis vaccine after age 11.  Sixth grade parents can turn in an updated shot record anytime during the year, once they get those 2 shots, but it’s only required for 7th graders before the start of school.






The Basics 


School Hours—
8:25 am - 3:35 pm


Plan to be at school early. The building opens for students at 7:55 and the tardy bell rings at 8:25.



2021-2022 Frisco ISD Calendar

Click to view PDF






Student Clubs!

Student involvement is very important in middle school! Help your students get involved with the many clubs, organizations, and events that occur at Clark! Here are a few:



        National Junior Honor Society  

        Best Buddies

        Student Council

        Math and Science Club

        Friends of the Library Club  


Picnic with the Parents

The 3rd Friday of each month PTA hosts "Picnic with the Parents." A day when you are especially encouraged to come to school and enjoy lunch with your child. You are welcome to have lunch with your student any day of the week, except during closed campus days. 



Pastries with the Parents

Morning gatherings are arranged from time to time, where parents can meet and speak with counselors, administrators, and the PTA.





Traffic Flow 



If you are dropping off or picking up a student, 
the red lines below show the flow of traffic for cars. Be sure to yield to busses. 






Use your powers for good!



1—Join PTA 

Clark Middle School PTA is a great group of parents and leaders who combine talents to make Clark a better place for kids. Explore membership, volunteering and leadership options on this website.


2— Have a lunch date with your child!

Certain tables are reserved in the cafeteria, so that you can have lunch with your child. Bring Chick-fil-a or a cupcake and enjoy their company for 30 minutes. Note that classmates cannot join you. This is meant to be time with your own child.


3—Take part in the discussion

Like “Clark Middle School PTA” on Facebook.



4—Do "just a little"

When we as busy parents commit to doing just a little each year, we accomplish a lot as a group! Check out small jobs that can make a big difference in our community!



5— Take on a leadership role

If you have some extra time, care about students, and work well with other adults, leadership may be a good fit for you! Contact our PTA President if you would consider a more active role.




Start now! 



 You are invited to join us as strong supporters of students at Clark Middle School!   




Register on this website anytime. It's free, and gives you greater access to information about our school.  After you register, you will have the option to join PTA and get involved in the life of our school. And we hope you will! 




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